Photography is art. Photography is pausing time. Photography is storytelling. Whatever you think photography is, it'll never cease to exist.

Eat Liquid Water was created to give you, the consumer, what ever you think photography is. We're here to cater to everyones individualistic creative wants.



Album covers



Family photos

, Instagram content

Event photography

Etc, etc.


...There are no limits.


The Photographer

Hi everyone, my name is Marlon (nods and smiles).

No one ever expected me to be a photographer, not even myself. But I love to create. I love new things. And I love meeting new people. So quickly I found out photography could be my creative outlet to experience and express all those things. At 19 years old I started assisting under David LaChapelle, and from then kept experimenting with different types of photography to find which niche was my true passion. I gravitated almost instantly to fine art conceptual photography. Stimulating the mind with bizarre concepts and vibrant colors naturally became my style. With my own photography elevating I knew I wanted to reach higher levels with no only myself but with other photographers, and so "Eat Liquid Water" came into fruition. Through ELW different photographers with different styles will be represented to cater to broader audiences.

I truly believe that I haven't even scratched the surface of my potential so everyday that Im given life Ill continue to create.