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ELW was created to give artistic freedom to the world. 

To remind people that anything you can think of can be 

made into reality. 

We are a creative media company evolving to become everything and anything you can imagine. We specialize in photography and videography content of all types. Vibrant colors mixed with conceptual storytelling is our recipe. If you have a vision, we have the tools to make it come to life. Simple as that

 Along with the media that is produced under ELW

 A new line of creative, innovative home 

appliances will open up December 2023



Hi everyone, my name is Marlon (nods and smiles).

No one ever expected me to be a photographer, let alone an artist, not even myself.

But I love to create. I love new things. And I love meeting new people. So quickly I found out photography could be my creative outlet to experience and express all those things along with opening up different avenues of creative work.

At 19 years old I started assisting under David LaChapelle, and from then continued to experiment with my creative talents.

Stimulating the mind and creating better designs is why I do what I do. We live in a time where limitations are becoming absolute, so I plan to take advantage of this life and exercise its full potential. And now I only hope, that I could do it with you.

See you at the top.


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